BB’S French Wine Club

BB’S French Wine Club

Each year before I return to France I have a tradition of drinking one of the bottles of wine I’ve brought back from a previous trip. This year I took a bottle of the 1996 Chateau St. Brice to my friend Bill VanderMarel’s house (who with his son was joining me and my son for ten days of our trip) and we sat on his deck talking about the trip and enjoying this great wine.

The 1996 St. Brice is a fantastic wine and is one of the thousands of wines that is not exported outside of France. While we are paying $20 for mediocre wine, the French are drinking great wines at a fraction of that price. Noting this injustice, Bill and I began to talk about how to get these wines to our friends in North America.

Once we got to France we marveled again at the great wines that are not available in North America,  and we began to think about how we could get these wines into the cellars of our wine loving friends. As we talked more we decided to create “B&B’s French Wine Club” to help our friends build their collections, and enjoy some great wines that are not available here.

The idea is simple. Bill and I will visit  France each year and select the wines from four different regions to ship to our members. The four regions are Bordeaus, Loire, Rhone, and Chateauneuf du Pape. We will taste the wines and select the outstanding bargains in the region. As a member you will select from one of three levels of participation ($1,000 or $2,000 ) and the corresponding amount of wine will be shipped to you over the course of the year. You pay only for the cost of the wine at your participation level (no mark up) and shipping, plus a yearly membership fee of $500/year.

For example, if you join at the $1,000 level you will receive three to four cases (36-48 bottles) of wine at the cost of the wine plus shipping that will total $1,000. At the $2,000 level you will receive six to eight cases (72-96 bottles). The actual amount of wine you receive will be based on the cost of the wines and the cost of the shipping and will total your participation level. 

Other Benefits: 

Special Christmas Case

We have selected three fabulous wines from  Bordeaux  to arrive by Christmas for thosewho join before September 10th. The aforementioned Chateau St. Brice has made a blockbuster 2003 that drinks like a $50 bottle of wine and will blow your socks off. The second wine is a 1999 Roland la Garde that is an incredible wine that explodes in your mouth and camps on your tongue. You will get five bottles of each of these plus two bottles of a wonderful Sauterne that will be perfect for Christmas celebrating. The cost for this case is only $300 including shipping 

Futures:  The best way to build your cellar is by purchasing "futures."  You purchase the wine while it is still in oak barrells and receive it when it is bottled.  In good vintages (like 2000 and 2005) the big Chateau wines are very difficult to obtain outside of futures offerings.  Through our stong contact in Bordeaux we are able to offer an excellent selection of Bordeaux Futures at very reasonable prices.  These wines will be offered exclusively to our members. 

Travel:   We invite members to join us in France as we visit both the great chateaux of Bordeaux as well as the small wineries in Loire and Provence.  You’ll experience  wine making up close and personal, as well as stay at some of my favorite places and delight in fabulous French food

Re-order:  Receive a wine you want more of (and I’m sure there will be many)?  You have the option to order more at the special club price.

If you’re interested, here’s what you need to do. Simply fill out the form below indicating your level of participation and enclose your membership fee of $500 plus your fee for the Christmas case of $300 and send both to:

As Thomas Jefferson said, “Life’s too short to drink bad wine.”


Address _____________________________________________________________

Shipping Address if different from mailing address___________________________

Phone __________________________________

E-mail __________________________________

Participation Level (check one) ___ $1,000 ___$2,000

Amount Enclosed

Membership Fee $500

Participation Level

Christmas Case

Total Amount __________

PS.  If you have not already ordered 2005 Bordeaux Futures from me and would be interested in a list of wines available from my contact in  Bordeaux let me know and I’ll get you a list of wines he is offering.

Bob Perkins, B&B’s French Wien Club, 1981 Rochambeau Dr., Malvern, PA, 19355

Your membership will cover the 2007 calendar year. Your participation check will be due by January 1st, 2007. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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