February 2007 Wine Review

February 2007 Wine Review

This month I recommend five
wines from or near Bordeaux in different price ranges and different vintages.


The first is the 2004 Chateau
Belingard from Bergerac. Bergerac is a
wonderful town located about two hours east of Bordeaux. The region generally produces rougher wines than it’s counterpart to the west but at much lower prices. The Belingard however is a lighter – almost thin – wine that has some nice character and complexity. I am on a constant quest to find a $10 Bordeaux I can drink every day with dinner, and this wine makes my list of top values in that category.


For just $2 more however is
my bargain pick of the month. The 2003 Chateau de Terrefort-Quancard is a classic from the Bordeaux region and the vintage. I’ve been talking about the 2003’s and this is more proof that some great wines are coming out of this vintage. The Terrefort-Quancard has a nice fruit hit when you open it (typical of the vintage), but develops and changes as it breaths. It begins with mineral and
cherry but changes to oak, mushroom and hints of licorice. This is a great value for the price.


Moving up a little in price
is the 2003 Chateau Lilian Ladouys from Saint-Estephe. St. Estephe is one of the solid sub regions
of Bordeaux and this wine reflects all the great elements of the outstanding terroir. The earth tones are immediate and soften as the dark berries balance on the pallet. This is another wine that takes time to breath (an hour minimum), but is well worth the $25 price, with much more character than many one-dimensional new world wines costing more.


Still a little more up the
price ladder is the 200 Chateau Garraud from Lalande de Pomerol. Pomerol is a sub region on the right bank of Bordeaux and the wines typically have a greater percentage of Merlot than Cabernet. This wine is more elegant than the Lilian Ladouys but has a wonderful nose and big berries that carry through as it
lingers on the pallet. This is a classic, beautiful Pomerol that is well worth the $28 price.


My final recommendation of
the month is the 2000 Chateau Chasse-Spleen. The 2000’s are not quite ready to be opened, but sometimes I just can’t resist. This wine is a good example of why the 2000 vintage was so highly touted. It is big, smooth, balanced and near perfect. It has intense black current, cassis, earth, cigar box and licorice on the lingering pallet. It is a Wow! I bought this on futures and it is proof that for great Bordeaux
vintages buying futures is the best way to go.

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