March 2007 Wine Review

March 2007 Wine Review

This month I have six great
wines to recommend.


The first is a beautiful light and fruity 2004 Beaujolais Villages from Louis Jadot for $10. I find most of the Jadot selections rather plain and ordinary but this Beaujolais has nice light spice and is quite interesting, particularly for the price. Enjoy it with pasta or easy sipping on the patio as spring approaches.


Also from the 2004 vintage, but this time from Lafitte Rothschild’s Chilean property, their Los Vasco Cabernet is wonderful and dense with great fruit, cherry vanilla and slight oak. It needs lots of time to breath because it is so young, but it is a powerhouse that can lay down for several years. At $17 this is another great buy for your cellar.


At a similar price range is the 2003 Chateau Coronnac from the Haut Medoc in Bordeaux. The ’03 vintage is turning out to be quite a surprise with intense
fruit, soft tannins and extensive character. This is a beautiful wine to drink now or cellar for ten years. It is hard to find great Bordeaux at this price point and this is one I can highly recommend.


Also from Bordeaux, this time Lussac St. Emillion, is
the 1998 Cuvee Henri IV, Chateau de Barbe Blanche. I loved this wine when I tasted it. It has classic Bordeaux barnyard on the nose and extensive earth, mushrooms, smoke, and hints of chocolate on the pallet. This is a beauty for $20.


The 1996 vintage in Bordeaux is drinking particularly well now and I will recommend two of them this month. The first is Chateau D’Issin and it is fantastic. The wine is a classic Bordeaux with balanced wet hay, cigar box, mushrooms and smoke. It is a great wine that is ready to drink now.


The second ’96 is the Chateau
Clos du Marquis. This has been one of my favorite wines for quite some time but I hadn’t tasted it for a while. With my first sip I remembered why I love this wine so much. The truly great Bordeaux winemakers are
able to achieve a balance in their wines that make them both interesting and elegant. This is the art of great
winemaking. The Clos is a work of art that achieves these goals. The nose is fantastic – filling the glass with exotic aromas – and the pallet is smooth with cassis, berry, wet hay, mushrooms, and oak. This wine is a little pricey at $40/bottle, but it is well worth it.




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