October 2007 Wine Review

October 2007 Wine Review

Ocotber ’07 Wine Review

2000 & 2001 Ch. D’Armailhac
I was first introduced to this wine about ten years ago and began collecting a couple of bottles each year.   I love this wine and it was a great delight to find the 2000 to be and outstanding example of everything this great vintage is supposed to be.  The 2001 was a surprise because it surpassed every other wine I’ve had from that vintage.  I’ve know this to be a great Chateau, but I was delighted to experience again just how great the wines are. The property is owned and operated by Mouton Rothschild and the quality of winemaking always shows in this great wine. While the 2000’s should be kept for another couple of years I found this to be wonderful now.  It is smooth and balanced with lovely black fruit and hints of hay and smoke.  The wine will only get better with more aging and is yet another confirmation of the vintage.  The 2001 is also drinking well now, and may be peaking. 

1999 Ch. Clerc Milon
Another great wine from the house of Mouton Rothschild; this is an elegant and beautiful wine with soft tannins and floral notes on the nose and pallet.  This wine lingers on your tongue and has plenty of licorice, rose and oak as it opens up and breathes.  This is a classic Bordeaux that is well worth adding to your collection, but one which is drinking well now.

2001 Haut Bages Liberal
From Pauillac, the center of the wine world this is another fantastic wine.  It is smooth with layers of black cherry, cedar and licorice that spreads across your pallet and lingers long after the last sip.  Although most 2001’s are probably peaking now, this wine could use some more time in the bottle.

2001 Chateau Tour de Segur, Lussac-Saint-Emilion,   
This is a great discovery from the Andre Lurton family of wines that is full of spice and earth and is an excellent compliment to food.  The wine changes as it opens up and breathes, and is ready to drink now.  At $17/bottle it is also a great value.

2003 Savigny les Beaunne, Les Grands Liards, from Patrick Javillier-Guyot. 
My experience in Burgundy has been frustrating. I have tried lots of Burgundy’s but they never seem to get me very excited.  I’ve been three or four times and the only wine I was thrilled about was in the neighborhood of $100/bottle. This 2003 Savigny les Beaunne  was the first Burgundy at a reasonable price ($25) that I will buy more of.  It had some typical Burgundy characteristics of Strawberry, crushed cherry and smoke along with a great blend of soft tannins and spice.  I really liked this wine and can’t wait to get more.

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