November 2007 Wine Review

November 2007 Wine Review

1999 Lynch Bages
    This is a classic big wine from one of the premier estates on the left bank of Bordeaux.  While 1999 was not the strongest vintage to come out of Bordeaux in the last twenty years, it is nonetheless a solid vintage with wines that are ready to drink now.
    This wine is absolutely stunning.  It is a huge, complex wine that lingers on your pallet with flavors of black cherry, plum and soft terroir.  It is pricy but worth it.

2000 Chateau Duhart-Milon
    This wine comes from the domain of Lafite Rothschild this is a constantly great wine that well reflects it’s first growth pedigree.  This wine is almost as good as the Lynch Bages and is also huge, power and complex.  It lingers on your pallet with hints of licorice, smoke and black fruits.  The 2000 vintage in Bordeaux is stunning and this wine is a great representation of what great wine makers can do when the weather is right.

    I bought this wine on futures and have been waiting for it to be ready to drink.  I think it still needs another five years in the bottle before it will be at it’s peak, but it is drinking well now.

2001 Lafon-Rochet
    This winery is located within shouting distance of Cos D’estournel and benefits from similar terroir and climate.  The producers make an excellent wine at about a quarter of the price of Cos.  The 2001 Lafon-Rochet is beautifully balanced, interesting and layered.  It has the classic black fruit with good oak, smoke and mushrooms around the edges.  This is one of my favorite wines beause of the quality and price.

2003 Chateau Grossombre
    It is always great to be able to recommend a Bordeaux at a reasonable price.  This wine is a great example of the 2003, when the heat made the grapes particularly ripe.  The wine has huge fruit on the pallet as you first open it, but it gets softer as it breaths and becomes more elegant and interesting.  This wine will benefit from aging, but is also great now.

2005 Mongeard-Mugneret, Sabigny-les-Beaunne
    While I am pretty familiar with Bordeaux, I am still on a learning curve regarding Burgundy.  I will be headed there in the spring to attend a tasting event and hopefully find some great Burgundys for B&B’s French Wine Club.  In the mean time, I attended a wine tasting last week of thirteen wines from Burgundy to begin climbing up the learning curve.  This one from Mongeard-Mugneret was my favorite.  It has a nice strawberry and cherry finish with hints of spice and a little toast, and is a great example of a good Burgundy at a reasonable price.

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