Four Great Bordeaux

Four Great Bordeaux

The 1995 vintage in Bordeaux is a benchmark vintage and a classic example of what Bordeaux winemakers can do in a great vintage.  By this I mean that the wines are so dense and well-structured that they are only now beginning to be ready to drink, and in most cases can still lay down for another five to ten years.  I recommend two wines from this vintage this month and both are great representatives of the vintage.

1995 Chateau La Croix St. Vincent from Pomerol is an amazing wine.  It is multi-layered and changes several times as it opens up and breathes.  The wine begins with a big hit of black fruit, then changes to more oak and spice.  I bought this ten years ago and it will be very difficult to find now, but is worth looking for.

1995 Chateau Mazeris is another great wine from the same vintage.  One of the hallmarks of a great vintage is that even wines from the moderate price range can be great as they age.  This wine is elegant and complex and changes three times as it opens up. This wine is fairly available in the $30 – $40 range and is worth every penny.

2001 Chateau Mazeris the same wine as above, but from a different vintage.  We served both of these at a dinner party and could easily taste the dramatic difference between the vintages.  This does not have the same staying power as the 1995 but is ready to drink now and has great up front fruit that is followed on the pallet with subtle earth tones.  This is a great wine for the price at under $20.

I have recommended Chateau D’Armailhac many times in this space and again I want to mention the 2002 of this great wine.  Here is another excellent example of a very good wine in a mediocre vintage.  2002 was not a great year in Bordeaux, but the great wine makers still made very good wines.  This wine is elegant, complex and is drinking very well now.  These are the kinds of wines you can drink now while you are waiting for the great vintages to age.  You can find this for around $35/bottle and it is well worth it.

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