Ebook release

Ebook release

I am happy to announce that after many years of writing, and almost fifteen years of working with hundreds of clients, my book “Building A Vision For Your Life” has just been released by Brighton Publishing in e-book format. The print version will be released this coming Fall.

In the book I cover the three major principles of Vision For Your Life:

1) Know Who You Are and Be It

2) Build your job into your life, not your life into your job

3) Never Retire

I also discuss the concept of Core Motivator and why it is important in knowing who you are. I outline the seven Core Motivators and walk you through the process of discovering your Core Motivator. Additionally I provide a section on applying the concept of Core Motivator to teams.

This is the perfect book to add to your summer reading list and I trust you will enjoy reading it. I hope you find it challenging, insightful and maybe even life changing.

It is available at Amazon.com and in all digital e-reader formats.

Best regards,
Bob Perkins

PS: You can purchase the book now here.

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