It’s Not Work – Life Balance

It’s Not Work – Life Balance

It’s not “Work-Life Balance” that we really need. It’s “Life-Money Balance” because great work is part of a great life.

I hear a lot about “work -life balance,” but I think it is a mistake to separate our life from our work – as if they are two different sides of an equation: life = work (where the = sign mean balance). Work is an important part of our life and the right equation involves the right amount of money that both compensates us for our work in a meaningful way and provides the life we desire.

The correct equation seems to me to be the right amount of work that keeps us energized and engaged in being fully who we were created to be = the necessary amount of money to sustain our life. In other words, “how do we monetize our work in a way that enables us to have the life we want?” Or to return to the equation: life = money (where the = sign means balance).

We begin with the assumption that work is good and good for us. The right work energizes us and part of being fully alive is to be fully engaged in productive work. Working is a good and right part of our life but it is not our whole life. We add to that work the other parts of our lives – our families, our hobbies, the things we do for fun etc. to have the full life we want.

What we need is the right amount of money to give us the right balance for our lifestyle.

Everyone thinks they need more money. The question is: Do you really need more money or do you need more life?

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