What You Think About

What You Think About

What you think about is what you become. What you become is who you are. Who you are is everything!

If all you think about is your job, then you will become a workaholic. If all you think about is your kids, then you will become a kidaholic (not a word). If all you think about is money, sports or sex…well you get the idea.

No one consciously says, “I’d like to become obsessed with money.” They simply focus on thinking about money all the time and they become obsessed with money.

We all know people who have become what they think about. We know people who spend all their time thinking about sports – it is nearly impossible to have a conversation with them about anything other than sports – and it is who they have become. I was watching SportsCenter the other day and was struck by the inaneness of the conversation that these people were having – and getting paid a lot of money to have – in order to provide 24 hour sports entertainment. But these shows exist because there is a market for them; a market of people who think about sports all day long – and have become spotsaholics.

The same is true for politics or family or money. There is a market of infotainment to meet the obsession of every demographic and what you think about is what you become.

The question becomes: “What should we spend our time thinking about?

Here we must begin with the end in mind. “Who is the person I want to become?” Or perhaps more accurately, “Who is the person I was created to be?” How can I be the person God designed me to be?

When we know our “Core Motivator” and have a Vision For Our Life, then – and only then – can we know what a congruent life looks like.

Our “Core Motivator” is the reflection of the nature of God in us and provides us with a starting point in understanding who we were created to be.

When what you think about is your “Core Motivator” then this is who you will become. You will develop a life that is congruent with your who you are at your core and you will live that life. You will become “who” you are; who God intended you to be.

I’ve been thinking about spigots lately. We are all like spigots We either open up and let our “Core Motivator” flow thru us, or we shut down and hold back what is the best inside of us. Think about this: “How do I open my life to be the spigot through when God’s design flows?

It all begins with what you think about; it is what you will become.

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