Don’t Make a $10 Wine From $1000 Grapes

Don’t Make a $10 Wine From $1000 Grapes

I was walking through a vineyard in Bordeaux with a fabulous winemaker when he turned to me and said, “You know Bob, you can only make the wine the grapes give you.” I looked at him and waited for more.  “A wine starts in the vineyard,” he continued, “and you can’t make a better wine than the grapes you get from your vineyard.”
It makes perfect sense, but some winemakers try to “fix” a bad wine when they don’t have good grapes.  They “over-oak” a wine by leaving it in the barrels for too long or they put oak chips into the juice to give it more of an oak flavor (that’s how you get the big vanilla hit on a wine).  In some cases they increase the alcohol to cover up the fact that they didn’t begin with good grapes.  When I smell the big vanilla on a wine or sense the “hot” alcohol on a wine, I know they are probably trying to cover up for bad grapes.

The same is true for people.  If we think we are bad grapes then we try to cover it up with “vanilla” or “alcohol.”  We all know the person who seems to be constantly putting on a show; always trying to be something he’s not.  When we do that, then the only person we’re fooling is ourselves.  No one can be “the grapes” that are different from who they are at their core; their  “Core Motivator.”

One of the most surprising things about Vision For Your Life has been that almost every client has had no idea what their “Core Motivator” is.  Not only that, but when they discover their “Core Motivator” most people don’t want it.  Many have said to me, “Can I have a different “Core Motivator?”  I don’t like this one.”  I have discovered that most people have been trying all their lives to be someone they’re not.  Most of the time they are doing ok, but they know that it’s not right.  They know that something is not exactly as it should be.  Often the biggest benefits of working through the Vision For Your Life process is the freedom, and the permission to be who you were created to be.

The problem with most of us is that we are $1,000 grapes acting like $10 wine.

There is great freedom when you stop trying to make $1,000 wine with $10 grapes, but there is even more freedom when you realize that you are $1000 grapes and you don’t have to settle for being a $10 wine.

We are already great gapes because God made us who we are  and it is impossible for God to have bad grapes in His vineyard.  We’re not starting with $10 grapes, we are starting with $1,000 grapes and those kind of grapes don’t need to be “fixed” by more “oak” or extra “alcohol.”

The worst thing is not when a winemaker over-oaks a bad wine; it is when he over-oaks a great wine!

With a great wine you give it just the right time in the barrel and you let the alcohol rise to it’s natural level.  It is a work of art and you guide it to become the best it can be.

If we start with great grapes then we must become a great wine.  Sure it involves the hard work of exact fermentation and the art of blending in the cellar, but if you have great grapes your chances of making a great wine are very high.

We must recognize that we are works of art and the key is for us to treat the juice that is who we are with the care of  a great wine.

I was in Bordeaux in 2009 and 2010 when winemakers knew they had a great vintage and they were giddy.  They knew they had great grapes and they couldn’t wait to make a great wine from those great grapes.  They invested in the best barrells, hired the best consultants and showed off their wine with great pride.

We are the great grapes of God’s vineyard.  It is up to us to invest in ourselves and be the best of who we were created to be.

Know Who You Are And Be It!

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