Never Retire – Part 2

Never Retire – Part 2

I returned from France two months ago and it seems like I just landed.  Time flies – but not really.

We often say, “time flies,” but really time doesn’t move. Time is simply a measurement and we, living history, are moving.  Our movement is measured against an instrument called time.

Time is fixed with a beginning and an end, like a yardstick or the old history timeline on the wall in our eighth grade classroom, but it’s not moving. I know we’re all really busy – and it seems that technology has made us even more busy – but we are the ones moving, not time.

Time is only a linear measurement that has a beginning and will someday have an end.  We move along that timeline.  Like all those who have come before us we are born, live and die against the timeline of history. We are dots on the long timeline of history.

Earl Weaver the Hall of Fame manager for my beloved and beleaguered Orioles once said, “You are dealt twenty-seven outs. It’s how you spend your outs that matters.”

I’ve been thinking: The question we must be constantly asking ourselves is, “We’ve been dealt a certain number of days – our “outs.” What do we do with our days – our outs – against the measurement of time?”

For some of us we have been given the gift of extended years. The average lifetime of a Baby Boomer has increased and is now into our mid eighties.  The question is, “how will I spend my ‘outs’ – the years I’ve been given – against the measurement of time?”

That great question may have more intensity because as we’ve gotten older the number of remaining years has decreased but it doesn’t change the importance of the question. If I only had one year left in my life I should be doing the same thing I would do if I knew I had twenty or fifty years left. I should be doing who I am.

My life has to be about the energy I give to the work that energizes me, the work that is out of who I was created to be.  But what is that work? It is the work of my Core Motivator.

Years ago I read the biographies of Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.  Each man accomplished incredible things in their lives and lived each day as if they could not wait to get more done.  Time wasn’t moving against them; they were moving against time and they each accomplished so much at such young ages that as I read of each mans life I felt like I was standing still. They knew who they were and could be it.

My goal is to never retire and the reality of that goal is to be energized by doing who I am every day until my last day. I want to spend all of my “outs” wisely and be fully engaged until my last dot against the timeline of my life if fully realized.

Know Who You Are And Be It!

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