I have known Bob for more than 20 years and he has been my executive coach for more than 5 years. During this period he has taught me to see what I uniquely bring to the party while also helping me navigate my weaknesses. He’s been a safe, wise sounding board at countless critical points along my journey as CEO and nearly every success we’ve had Bob’s has played a critical role.

Andy Parham CEO Dātu Health

Vision For Your Life

Shortly after a career change I went through the Vision For Your Life program with an expectation of gaining some clarity and direction during a pivotal time in my life both professionally and personally. After leaving the comfort of a wonderful job I had held for 23 years I realized that I needed an outside perspective to assess my next steps and confirm or challenge many deeply held beliefs. Bob Perkin’s program exceeded my expectations. Identifying my “Core Motivator” as Relationships provided me with greater understanding and insight into what my skills and gifts were and could be. In realizing this key strength I was able to focus and better develop what I was naturally good at. Vision For Your Life also made me much more aware of how I might combine my spiritual beliefs with business and personal experiences while bringing greater accountability. Vision For Your Life challenged me and helped me to become Executive Vice President for a mid size asset management firm based in Philadelphia where I am now in my third year.
Bill Simon
My interaction with Bob and discovering my core motivator was invaluable in my development as a person and leader.  My only regret is I didn’t learn about “Vision for Your Life” 20 years ago! Anyone in leadership, whether business, nonprofit, education or entrepreneur will gain tremendous insights that make it well worth the investment!
Dr. Tom Ricks, Church Pastor and Leadership Consultant
My time with Bob was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  Unlike so many other seminars or coaching sessions, the approach Bob guided me through gave me very helpful insights that have resulted in a sustained change in the way I look at everything – my work, my volunteer commitments, even my social life.  I highly recommend Bob as a gifted facilitator and coach.
Kevin Jenkins, President, World Vision International
We have used the Vision For Your Life process with our team, and I have found it to be profoundly helpful not only for our team but for me personally. Bob’s insights have helped me improve my decision making process on key personnel matters.  There is tremendous value (to all involved) in ‘knowing who they are’, and what motivates them at their core.  The process has been well worth the investment in time and money and I highly recommend it.
Ken Witbrodt, President, Montgomery Bank
The Vision For Your Life process has been life changing. It has dramatically impacted my marriage, family and business in ways I never imagined. It has done the most toward helping me define who God made me and has done a great deal to move me toward being that person. For the first time, I understand who I am and I am being it. I highly recommend this process to everyone.
John Keane Jr., President, The Keane Insurance Group, Inc.