We’re all in the people business.  Weather you’re flying airplanes or serving Big Mac’s you’re in the people business.  My passion is in helping my clients excel at the people business by being who they are.  This begins with the Vision For Your Life process and continues with the Coaching Practice.

Vision For Your Life

What do you want your life to be about?  What is the vision you have for your life and what tools will you use to develop that vision?  These are perhaps the most important questions in all of life.

The starting point for building a Vision For Your Life is to “Know who you are and be it!”  In order to be truly successful we must first understand who we are at our core. Before we can successfully engage other people we must have a clear and firm grasp of who we are.  We have been conditioned to think, “Know who you aren’t and fix it,” and I propose a different paradigm.  Focus on who you are – who you are at your core – and build the Vision For Your Life from the core of who you are.

A Unique Assessment: Core Motivator

When we speak of who you are at your core we are talking about discovering you “Core Motivator.”  Each person has a “Core Motivator” and the discovery of your “Core Motivator” is the beginning of living your life out of who you are.  Your “Core Motivator” is “why you do, what you do, the way you do it,” and understanding your “Core Motivator” is the beginning of transforming your life.

We have used the Vision For Your Life process with our team, and I have found it to be profoundly helpful not only for our team but for me personally. Bob’s insights have helped me improve my decision making process on key personnel matters.  There is tremendous value (to all involved) in ‘knowing who they are’, and what motivates them at their core.  The process has been well worth the investment in time and money and I highly recommend it.
Ken Witbrodt, President, Montgomery Bank


The challenges of leadership are monumental and the first principle of great leadership is that it is lonely.  A coach is someone who is both a cheerleader and a challenger.  He knows when to pat you on the back and when to kick you in the ass.  He is ‘in it with you’ but doesn’t run the race for you.

A Unique Coaching Arrangement:  Call Any Time

Leaders don’t need a coach once a week for an hour on Tuesday.  They need a coach whenever the situation arises.  My coaching practice is designed for maximum accessibility, and the format is ‘call any time.”  This means that clients have the ability to call me whenever they need to talk; when they walk out of a tough meeting, when they have reason to celebrate, when they have a random thought, when they just need to blow off steam, or when they need to just talk.  The best coaches don’t show up for practice once a week; they’re there every day.

I bring over twenty years of leadership experience to my coaching practice and walk with clients as they process the various challenges of leadership.  I help them understand their teams and advise them on the best ways to engage and lead their organizations.