Vision For Your Life

What do you want your life to be about?  What is the vision you have for your life and what tools will you use to develop that vision?  These are perhaps the most important questions in all of life.

The starting point for building a Vision For Your Life is to “Know who you are and be it!”  In order to be truly successful we must first understand who we are at our core. Before we can successfully engage other people we must have a clear and firm grasp of who we are.  We have been conditioned to think, “Know who you aren’t and fix it,” and I propose a different paradigm.  Focus on who you are – who you are at your core – and build the Vision For Your Life from the core of who you are.

A Unique Assessment: Core Motivator

When we speak of who you are at your core we are talking about discovering you “Core Motivator.”  Each person has a “Core Motivator” and the discovery of your “Core Motivator” is the beginning of living your life out of who you are.  Your “Core Motivator” is “why you do, what you do, the way you do it,” and understanding your “Core Motivator” is the beginning of transforming your life.

Shortly after a career change I went through the Vision For Your Life program with an expectation of gaining some clarity and direction during a pivotal time in my life both professionally and personally. After leaving the comfort of a wonderful job I had held for 23 years I realized that I needed an outside perspective to assess my next steps and confirm or challenge many deeply held beliefs. Bob Perkin’s program exceeded my expectations. Identifying my “Core Motivator” as Relationships provided me with greater understanding and insight into what my skills and gifts were and could be. In realizing this key strength I was able to focus and better develop what I was naturally good at. Vision For Your Life also made me much more aware of how I might combine my spiritual beliefs with business and personal experiences while bringing greater accountability. Vision For Your Life challenged me and helped me to become Executive Vice President for a mid size asset management firm based in Philadelphia where I am now in my third year.
Bill Simon