The purpose of Bob Perkins Consulting is to free every person to know who they are and be it.

Each person is a unique creation. By discovering and understanding our unique design we can lead fulfilled lives, engage in significant work and contribute in meaningful ways to our society.

Vision For Your Life™ is a life changing process of self discovery that helps individuals and organizations change the way they view themselves and those around them. Individuals become energized to live out of who they are, and organizations get the “right people in the right seats on the bus.”

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The Book

Building A Vision For Your Life
By: Bob Perkins


Bob Perkins

Bob Perkins

Bob Perkins is a coach, consultant, teacher, leader, husband and father. Read more >>

My Services


 We’re all in the people business.  Whether you’re flying airplanes or serving Big Mac’s you’re in the people business.

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Executive Coaching

The challenges of leadership are monumental and the first principle of great leadership is that it is lonely.  A coach is someone who is both a cheerleader and a challenger.

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Never Retire!

What do you want your life to be about?  What is the vision you have for your life and what tools will you use to develop that vision?  These are perhaps the most important questions in all of life.

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I have known Bob for more than 20 years and he has been my executive coach for more than 5 years. During this period he has taught me to see what I uniquely bring to the party while also helping me navigate my weaknesses. He’s been a safe, wise sounding board at countless critical points along my journey as CEO and nearly every success we’ve had Bob’s has played a critical role.

Andy Parham CEO Dātu Health
My time with Bob was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  The approach Bob guided me through gave me very helpful insights that have resulted in a sustained change in the way I look at everything.  I highly recommend Bob as a gifted facilitator and coach.
Kevin Jenkins, President, World Vision International

A lot of what Bob does get’s classified as the soft stuff, the people side of the business.  With Bob’s help we were able to retain key employees and navigate difficult negotiations.  The work with Bob on the soft stuff quickly translated into quantifiable hard dollar results.

Bill Russell, CIO St Joseph Health