What is Vision For
Your Life

The key to great leadership is EQ – Emotional Intelligence.  In 1997 I developed the Vision For Your Life process and the Core Motivator assessment tool. 

Understanding your Core Motivator is the key to EQ. Every client engagement begins with understanding their Core Motivator. It is “why you do, what you do, the way you do it.” 

It is who you are at your core. It is how you see the world. It is how you lead. 

It is everything!


After 22 years of leading in the non-profit world I started Bob Perkins Consulting in 2003 to help leaders “know who they are and be it.”

Since then I have worked with many senior leaders helping them to navigate their greatest challenges.

What Our Clients Say

“Building A Vision For Your Life” walks you through the process of understanding your Core Motivator, setting a personal “STAR,” and developing your own set of “Mountains.” 

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